Payment and Construction stages:

1. Consult and Estimate - Free

  • Select a plan or bring in your preferred design.

  • Select standards and upgrades with our consultant.

  • Written Estimate provided.

2. Drafting & Deposit - 5%

Here we engage our preferred draftsman, the standard duration is estimated to be a 4-week turnaround:

  • Architectural drawings.

  • Engineering certification.

  • Energy Star rating.

  • BAL fire rating (optional).

  • CDC submission to surveyor.

  • Contracting.

  • Builder Engagement.

3. Construction - 55%

  • Payment is required to start constructing your new asset.

  • Signing and Acceptance of drafted planning is required before commencement.

  • Construction inspections by appointment.

  • Final inspection by appointment.

4. Completion of Construction (40%)

  • Ready for transport

  • Booking of departure

5. Variance payment (if required)

  • Changes made from the Estimate to the construction process.

Optional package “Site Builder Services” stages:

Here you can choose to use your preferred contractor or engage with ours, these services are not usually included in the estimate unless stated otherwise.

A. Builders Estimate

  • Engage with the builder for availability and services.

  • Estimate from the builder.

B. Departure, Transport & Delivery

  • Departure booking.

  • Arrival on-site booking.

C. Site works

  • Civil and groundwork.

  • Stumping.

  • Connection of amenities, water, gas, power and sewerage.

D. Variance payment (if required)

  • Changes made from the Estimate for the transport and site works.

6. Duration

The construction time of your new asset will depend on the current circumstances:

  • Lead time - This is the start date of when the job can begin construction, this will depend on deposit timing and work schedule.

  • Estimated time of Completion - This date will depend on the customisation and specifications. *A standard build is estimated to take 8-12 weeks.

  • Estimated time of Departure - This date is when the transport can commence and be picked up from our factory. Engagement will need to be conducted with a 3rd party transport company. We like to arrange this before construction is completed to find out their availability and ensure you can meet their cost, if you’re unsure about this process we can engage our preferred transporter.

7. Estimated time of Arrival

This will depend on your location and the time of travel. The transport company may load it one day but not start traveling until the next day if it’s a long trip. If a crane is required for the lift off the truck on-site, please ensure you discuss this with the builder to make the booking on the same day. *Transport times are generally very rapid and within a matter of days.