The Vikal Modular Process

1. Consultation

We discuss the design concept you have in mind, select a product guide and upgrades with our consultant, and an estimate will be provided for the scope of work.

2. Design and Drafting Fee

With a design finalised, we will lock in the specifics for your build and provide a formal project proposal and a further detailed budgetary estimate. 

A $5,500 fee will be required to commence your project proposal, complete with all drawings required for submission of your building application/permit.

3. Manufacture

Signing and acceptance of drafted planning is required before commencement, lead-time is specific to your project, and once completed you will be invited in for final inspection.

4. Transport

We are happy to work with your nominated transport company to deliver your new dwelling. Where required we can assist with delivery details end to end. If you are self-installing, we are happy to provide all relevant information to facilitate a smooth delivery of your dwelling.

5. Installation (if required)

If required we can offer installation on site, provided you are within a 6-hour drive of the metro area. After delivery, we can coordinate at your site to ensure relevant site works have been completed and you're ready to move in.

"You can have this loaded on a truck and on its way to you in a matter of months".