Hillside Retreat

Luxury with Fire Resistance

This Toodyay-based fire-rated luxury modular home, was a full customised architectural build, offering the perfect blend of safety, sophistication, and sustainability.

Constructed with cutting-edge fire-resistant materials, to meet all BAL ratings, this innovative home provides peace of mind in the face of Australia's challenging climate.

Its modular design allows for efficient construction and customisable layouts, while luxurious amenities ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

Located in close proximity to Perth, in rural Toodyay, residents can enjoy the convenience of urban living while surrounded by the natural beauty of Western Australia. Whether seeking a modern retreat or a permanent residence, this fire-rated luxury home embodies style, safety, and resilience in a stunning Australian setting.

DJI 0008

Modern Design

The build's twin-module design, allowed for efficient construction, customisable layouts and luxurious amenities, ensuring a very comfortable rural dwelling.

Elevated stumping and careful material selection created a thermally efficient, off-grid retreat, harnessing the sun to power all amenities for the owners, who split their time between Perth City and this nearby rural retreat.

Whether seeking a modern retreat or a permanent residence, this structure, flowing out from the hillside, embodies style, safety, and resilience, in a stunning Australian bush setting.

This design and build was in collaboration with WAStudio.net - Architect, Andrew T Boyne.