Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design

The “Contemporary” style embraces minimalistic elements, highlighting greys, beiges and shades of white. It has sleek, thoughtful hidden details with everything in its place, featuring designs based on function and simplicity, defined by clean lines, minimal decoration and current trends.

This interior design aesthetic has evolved since 1970 and now holds many trends that reflect a general desire to create environments that are visually pleasing, sustainable, and capable of arousing positive emotions.

Our Product Guides which are obtainable in Step 1 (Consult and Estimate) of the process list the cabinetry, appliances and accessories, including options to mix and match for each feature of the Modular's Interior such as; Bench-tops, cabinetry, and flooring.

We bring a three-tier finishing pack system available for each Floor plan.

Simple: Minimal quantity of cabinetry, appliances and accessories, bringing an entry-level option to the Floor plan and design, leaving the majority of the interior to adapt to your requirements after the build is complete for a quick turn-around time.

Premium: Medium quantity of cabinetry, appliances and accessories, this option brings more storage and functionality to the design, but not much is needed to complete this interior.

Superior: An abundance of cabinetry and storage solutions for further functionality and appliances, this product guide brings highly recommended options from our suppliers, and each upgrade option brings an additional charge and is now considered a custom build.

Stone and Wood Concept 

Our contemporary stone and wood concept includes Interior Design options sourced from our suppliers that form a natural appeal, this provides a warm or cool option to the interiors with their rustic appeal, a cornerstone of elegance, sophistication and timeless beauty.

This concept combines Gloss, Matt and Wood or Stone appeal finish, with Chrome tapware and accessories.  Stone and Wood is a classic and timeless choice that will remain in design styles for years to come.

Our Superior Product Guide offers wooden slats or cladding options to match visual interest as well as Stone or Porcelain Benches and Tiles.

You can visit this “Pinterest Contemporary Wooden Board”“Pinterest Contemporary Stone board”, for Interior inspiration and "Pinterest Contemporary Architecture Board" for Exterior, both great resources for inspirational ideas for your Modular build.